App Policy

This App Policy governs the publication and maintenance standards established by CaribbeanJohnny Software Solutions Pvt Ltd. It is applicable specifically to the operations of the StarSignatures app hosted at Please note that periodic updates to this policy may occur by revising this page.

Collection and Usage of Information:

StarSignatures, hereinafter referred to as [StarSignatures], is committed to collecting, utilizing, maintaining, and disclosing information obtained from users, each identified as a "User," engaging with our range of Services. These Services encompass video call bookings, video message services, chief guest invitations, gift deliveries with signatures, and meet-up arrangements.

Privacy and Data Handling:

We ensure the confidentiality and security of User data collected, including user profiles, interaction history, and any other information necessary for facilitating and enhancing the user experience within the app. The collected data is primarily used for event bookings, improving user experience, and ensuring the smooth functioning of the Services provided.

Third-Party Involvement:

We may involve third parties in data processing only when it's necessary for providing the Services. Such involvement is carried out with stringent measures to maintain the privacy and security of User data in accordance with relevant legal obligations.

User Conduct and Responsibilities:

Users engaging with the app's Services are expected to adhere to behavior guidelines ensuring respectful conduct during interactions with celebrities. [StarSignatures] reserves the right to terminate an interaction without refund if a User violates these conduct guidelines.

Event Booking Policies:

Details about the procedures for booking celebrities, including refund policies, event rescheduling, and any specific policies related to missed events, are specified to provide clarity to Users.

Celeb-End User Interaction Guidelines:

Clear expectations for both celebrities and end users are outlined regarding the nature, duration, and limitations of interactions during events.

Legal Disclaimers and Termination of Service:

[StarSignatures] disclaims liabilities concerning event bookings and user conduct. Additionally, the app reserves the right to terminate services in response to severe or repeated user misconduct.

Policy Updates and Contact Information:

Users will be notified of policy changes, and avenues to contact support for queries or assistance regarding app usage or policies are provided for user convenience.